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    Hi there, I'm Jenn. Part wife, mama, doula & photographer.

    Not so long ago I used to be a quantitative research analyst with a major IT consulting firm...then a not so major one. In school I double majored in statistics and programming (and had minors in photography & voice performance) - balance right? And while being nerdy paid the mortgage, it didn't do much for me otherwise. I was a lady with 101 special projects, things i did just for me. Then i got the best special project of all...i became pregnant.

    Something inside me knew that i wouldn't be giving birth in the hospital, so i sought out new friends, resources, classes and generally became a vacuum of birth knowledge (and statistics). And in May 2007, I welcomed my first baby girl into this world just like I had wanted.

    That fall, my husband and I became teachers of the same method that helped us have the birth we wanted. Then some of our students wanted a little help at their birth, then some friends started asking and, and, and ... a doula was born.

    Now some of you may be asking ~ why would i want a home-birther at my hospital birth? And may i suggest we look at it from a different point of view...I'm a mama, i love daddies and respect their role in the birth process, and i want YOU to have the birth you want (i've already had my babies). I adore my little homebirth community and i am honored to learn so much from them. If you believe, like me in shades of gray and get that all in life is not black & white...then lets me and discuss what sort of birth you want to have...and how i might help you get there. (and yes, it may be with another doula ~ i've got lots of wonderful friends!)